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The Bavarian start-up company Building Radar is this year's winner of the Space App Camp Barcelona 2016! The team convinced the experts of ESA, SAP and AZO with their innovative service on construction detection.

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Huge amounts of data from space - the kind produced by the European Earth observation Copernicus programme and its Sentinel satellites - offer countless opportunities in connection with mobile applications and a multitude of services use cloud computing for processing.

The Space App Camp Barcelona initiated by the European Space Agency - European Space Research Institute (ESA ESRIN), supported by the ESA Transfer Technology Program Office (ESA TTPO) sponsored by SAP, and organised by AZO, seeks to combine both technologies.

With ESA's latest Satellite data from the Copernicus Space programme and the supporting technology of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP), participants have the tools they need to get the most out of this Earth observation data.

Together with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, and its unmatched capability to process big data in high speed and its built-in geospatial functionality, it is the natural choice for running EO applications.

Five teams from all over Europe were selected by an expert jury and invited to participate in the Space App Camp Barcelona 2016. All teams will presented their enhanced applications at the SAP stand on the Mobile World Congress Barcelona

After a public pitch of all teams on 22 February on the Mobile Wworld Congress, the expert jury consisting of Ms Nayaki Nayyar, Head of CRM OD (SAP), Dr Carsten Linz, Head of CIO Center for Digital Leadership (SAP), Mr Pierre -Phillipe Mathieu, Earth Observation Applications Engineer (ESA), Mr Thomas Beer, Copernicus Policy Coordinator (ESA), and Mr Frank Salzgeber, Head of Technology Transfer Program Office(ESA) selected Building Radar as the winner of the Space App Camp Barcelona 2016.




Building Radar supplies verified construction leads that will enable your sales team to focus on sales rather than lead generation and qualification. Keep up with all the construction projects in your neighbourhood and around the world, track your competitors' next moves, and evaluate new strategic partnerships in one smart platform.

With Building Radars proprietary satellite-supported search algorithm, they detect new construction projects months earlier than the competition. Building Radar also verifies lead specs such as construction phase and building size to provide you with real-time intelligence on commercial real estate.

The GAIA app is getting all the relevant measurements from satellite-data and optionally in-situ sensors, matching areas of interest with possible diseases. This would allow farmers to benefit from early warnings and predictions, for evaluating crops at risk. Detailed knowledge about the exact conditions of a field will help farmers to save not only water but all resources. The service will detect the disease as soon as, and even before it appears. This will depend on several parameters, such as temperature, humidity, soil moisture, etc. Moreover, the service evaluates the risk of this disease to appear and if it's accurate enough, it even provides a solution to the farmer.

VanderSat will present a service designed to aid the Dutch government in inspecting agricultural fields. As part of the environmental welfare policy of the European Union, farmers can receive a subsidy for inundating their land for a certain period of time. In the Netherlands, this inundation period runs approximately from February till May, with farmers receiving a subsidy of EUR 2,000 per hectare on average. To make this process more effective and efficient, VanderSat has developed a system that is based solely on satellite data from the Copernicus programme. VanderSat focuses on both radar and optical satellite images in a multi-sensor and multi-frequency approach, which makes it possible to inspect 100% of the fields. In addition, VanderSat generates multiple observations during the entire inspection period instead of just one, enabling the inspectors to receive advance warnings. As the inundation subsidy is a European policy, the service will be made available to other countries as well.

Based on satellite data, the WxFusion prototype product "Cb-global" provides near real-time thunderstorm detection and forecasting up to one hour in advance ("nowcasting") for much of the globe - and will soon cover the entire world. When given access to the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, aviation stakeholders can strategically plan flight routes and inform pilots well before they approach thunderstorm hazards. The resulting benefits include increased flight safety and reduced costs based on fewer detours, holding patterns, and other delays.

Climate change is increasing the vulnerability of winter crops to cold, as seasonal temperatures become more variable. Crop decisions therefore require timely and reliable weather forecasts that are easily accessible to growers. Our solution presents several forecast products, which are resolved on a fine spatial scale. These unique outlooks will be layered and reported at user-defined farms.


To set an example of how SAP helps companies anticipate digital transformation, the newly created CIO Center for Digital Leadership (CDL) drives digital platform-based innovation in an open ecosystem with start-ups, student teams, and SAP corporate entrepreneurs. The team guides and showcases SAP's own digital transformation to customers, especially Chief Information and Chief Digital Officers (CIO, CDO).

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