Hang on a minute - isn't the European Space Agency a bunch of astronauts and rocket scientists? What does ESA have to do with app development and SAP?

From space, our planet's atmosphere, land, and water can be monitored for multiple application fields. This is where the ESA App Camp comes in: It's a chance to make the resulting information accessible to a broad audience and create value in the process! And with supporting technology like the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, participants had the tools they needed to get the most out of this Earth observation data.

Participants got access to the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, that enables developers to build, extend, and run applications on SAP HANA in the cloud. With its unmatched capability to process big data in high speed and its built-in geospatial functionality, it is the natural choice for running Earth observation applications. Experience in integrating such data or using the SAP HANA Cloud Platform was not required to participate in the ESA App Camp.

The ESA App Camp Barcelona was inviting app developers to unique pre-selection events where they could meet with like-minded people and tackle some of the world's greatest challenges. The six pre-selection Appathons were held at ESA BIC and partner locations across Europe on 24-25 Jan 2015.

Students and professionals alike were asked to team up and develop ideas on how to enrich apps with the abundance of data offered by Earth observation satellites and the power of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. The winning team of each Appathon was invited to the ESA App Camp Barcelona (25 Feb - 3 Mar) to compete for the grand prize. The two winning teams were presented and awarded at the Mobile World Congress 2015. (Read press release on the awarding of the winners by ESA and SAP)

The ESA App Camp was organised by Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen (AZO) on behalf of the European Space Agency and sponsored by SAP University Alliances. We were also working with other awesome partners in six countries to make the pre-selection Appathons a great experience.


Everyone of adult age could sign up for the Appathons. Participants could either register as a team of two or as individuals. At least one of the team members needs to be a full-hearted app developer. All participants were grouped into teams of four at the event.


@ ESA App Camp Barcelona
  • Rewards at the Mobile World Congress 2015
  • 2 x EUR 5,000 prize money
  • Door prize for everyone
  • Access to ESA BIC & SAP start-up support
  • Winners of the local Appathon, were invited to the ESA App Camp in Barcelona (25 Feb - 3 Mar). All costs covered


Everyone was welcome to join, but as always there were some rules to be accepted.

 Download rules (PDF)