ESA Space App Camp 2019

The application phase 2019 is now open!
For the 8th time, the European Space Agency (ESA) invites 24 developers to its ESA ESRIN location in Frascati, Italy. The invitation includes travel- and accommodation expenses as well as food and beverage. Interested students-, researchers- and developers are able to register here from 1 June until 15 July 2019. This year, this one-week event will take place from 16 – 23 September 2019.

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Huge amounts of data from space, the kind produced by the European Earth observation programme Copernicus and its fleet of Sentinel satellites, offer countless opportunities in connection with mobile applications. The Space App Camps bring programmers together to develop creative and innovative apps that make Earth observation data – particularly from Copernicus – accessible to a wide range of citizens. This unique one-week event was initiated by ESA in 2012 and has since been organised by AZO Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen.


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