Registrations to the 7th Space App Camp edition are now closed.

Selected participants will be informed in CW 32.


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Dedicated API for EO data

The winning team will be rewarded


What, when, where?

The Space App Camp will take place from 17 - 24 September 2018 at the European Space Agency's Centre for Earth Observation (ESRIN) in Frascati (near Rome, Italy):

  • 4 June to 30 July 2018
    at 10:00 am CEST

  • CW 32
    Notification of selected participants

  • 16 September 2018
    Arrival at the hotel

  • 17 - 24 September 2018
    Space App Camp

  • 24 September 2018

Please make sure to block the whole week if you wish to participate!

Since the App Camp will be taking place on ESA’s invitation, it will be free of charge and include travel and accommodation costs with full board. If you’re selected, the organiser will contact you around mid-August to coordinate your flights and hotel booking.

Upon confirmation, you’ll also receive a detailed advance briefing that will cover your assigned topic, access to the API, and detailed information on Copernicus. This briefing will enable you to start discussing the topic and brainstorm the app concept you want to present at the beginning of the Space App Camp.

At ESRIN, ESA will also provide workspaces with Internet and satellite data access for the entire duration of the Space App Camp. Please be sure to bring your own wireless devices, however. Please be aware that you will need to accept ESRIN’s general on-site rules for safety and security.


Increasing numbers of mobile phone users is bringing mobility to the business with mobile apps. Additionally, a huge amount of data from space offers countless opportunities in connection with mobile applications.

But hang on a minute – isn’t the European Space Agency a bunch of astronauts and rocket scientists? What does ESA have to do with mobile app development? A lot! From space, our planet’s atmosphere, land, and water can be monitored for multiple application fields. This is where the Space App Camp comes in: It’s a chance to make the resulting information accessible to a broad audience and create value in the process!

For the seventh time, ESA is inviting 20 developers to its ESRIN location in Frascati, Italy, including travel expenses and accommodation – and you can be one of them! To become selected is up to you! Your participation of the App Camp will depend on the creativity of your previous works with regard to their content, usability, design, and underlying business concepts, so show us the best apps you’ve developed

Seize this opportunity to meet with like-minded people, create mobile applications using satellite data, and gain insight into ESA’s work!

The goal of the Space App Camp is to produce mobile apps using Earth observation data on smartphones. In doing so, it focuses on leveraging the possibilities offered by the European Earth observation programme Copernicus, which is currently providing became operational with the launch of the first Sentinel Satellite in April 2014 and today already provides data from seven satellites. The latest member of ESA’s Earth observation satellites, Sentinel-3B, was successfully launched on 25 April 2018 from Russia. Two weeks later Sentinel-3B has already delivered impressive first images from its ocean and land colour instruments. The oceans are the main focus of the mission. In addition, large-scale changes in land areas are also monitored and recorded.



Smart farming

Sustainable development

Future living

Smart Cities

Digital transport


After a week of intense teamwork in your selected category, you and your team will present your app to the other participants and a jury of ESA representatives on the final day of the Space App Camp. The jury will then select the winning team and present a EUR 2,500 cash prize.

Registration will be open from 4 June to 30 July 2018.


ESA App Camp in Frascati, Italy – get inspired what your days at the App Camp could be like! Get to know the winners from 2017, their background and expectations.


Participants with citizenship in an ESA member-state, a state involved in the Copernicus Space Component (CSC), or a country participating in the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Community are welcome to join, but as always, some rules apply.

 Download rules (PDF)

Participants can register either as teams of two or four or as individuals. At least one of the team members needs to be an impassioned app developer. All participants will be grouped into teams of four prior to the event.


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